They are a group of young and friendly artists who always surprise me with their works.They are also my friends with creativity! If you are interested in their works please contact them.


ching su


At the time our houses were a bit like barracks, a bit like shops of inventors, once you stepped in some wooden baskets, farm tools, harnesses and things that you could't describe came into the eye.——Pablo Neruda《Confieso que he vivido》

"Pablo's words perfectly describes the image of my ideal studio. It's a space where all kinds of stuff are scattered around and you cannot define them as jewelry or art decoration or simply a piece made and then existed without any purpose. Only the beauty and fun of these pieces are talked about."

Meret Peěrez portrait jpg.jpg

meret perez


"Explorer of metals

Inspired by nature

Working between Florence—Zürich—Bogotá"


marco belloli




marla desii


"Jewellery Sculptress Designer

Graduated in Sculpture at the Academia di Belle Arti, I improved my artistic education at the LAO Le Arti OrafeJewellery School of Florence, by attending specialised courses in jewellery design, artistic incision and 3D design. 

In my works the ancient techniques of jewellery craftsmanship are fused to contemporary techniques, through the use of unusual and not-valuable materials as for the precious domain of jewels, giving life to a harmonic contrast, as the result of a geometric and essential design.

My major source of inspiration develops by inquiring the body-jewel relationship, a fourth dimension where Marla Desii gets moving to give equilibrium to my works ."


muzi zhang


"A goldsmith with 145 cm high concentrating on the strange design."

Breasts are the most beautiful brooch——MUZI ZHANG


xue ren


"I call myself a Jewelry Craftsman more than Jewelry Designer. Because for me, Making jewelries means to create works of art. All the works i showed are handmade." 


beatrice valtolina


"I'm a young italian goldsmith and engraver. I start with personal and particular designs and i realize by myself, trying to create something of new and innovative."


Sara Barbanti


"I was born in Modena in 1991.After an Interior Design degree at Politecnico di Milano in 2013, i moved to Florence to attend a jewellery-making course at Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School. Once finished my studies i returned to Modena where i started to frequent Gigi Mariani’s goldsmith studio."